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How to improve the tearing performance of rubber conveyor belt
Mar 17, 2018

To improve the tearability of rubber conveyor belts, the following aspects can be considered:

1. Raw rubber system selection is correct, raw rubber should choose slightly higher molecular weight, crystalline rubber is better, crystalline rubber tear strength at room temperature than non-crystalline rubber;

2. The vulcanization accelerator is well-matched, the vulcanization system is better with CV (ordinary vulcanization system, and high-sulfur and low-reduction) vulcanization system, the polysulfide bond has higher tear strength, the amount of sulfur is 2-3, and the accelerator is used. Medium activity, good flatness CZ, DM, etc.

3. Reinforcing filler should not only be reasonable, but also the amount should be correct. Carbon black should choose carbon black with small particle size and low structure, plus about 10 white carbon black;

4 can not use too much softener, softener will generally reduce the tear strength, paraffin oil is very unfavorable to the tear strength of SBR vulcanizate, if you choose aromatic oil is better, naphthenic oil is better than paraffin oil More, but not as aromatic oils.

Due to different recipes, the corresponding systems are not the same. The above directions are for reference only, and not all formulations are applicable.

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