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What is the difference between PVC and PCG?
Mar 17, 2018

PVG rubber and plastic coal-use coal-used fabrics are flame retardant conveyor belts. In addition to the characteristics of PVC-type flame-retardant belts, the flame-retardant belts also have good wear resistance, and have large friction coefficient with the drum during operation. Not skid, long life and other advantages. PVG tape is made of PVC impregnated whole fabric as the core, covered with a rubber cover layer, and the cover layer is generally made of NBR and PVC blended rubber. The thickness of the upper and lower cover layers is not less than 1.5 mm. The process of PVC flame retardant belt is simpler than that of PVG. Without emulsification, the surface is generally embossed to increase the friction coefficient. Relatively speaking, the cost of PVG is higher than that of PVC, and the safety factor is slightly higher than that of PVC.

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