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What is the production process of butadiene rubber sheet?
Mar 17, 2018

1. Mastication. The first is the process of plastic refining. Its main purpose is to allow the nitrile rubber sheet to have a certain degree of plasticity, and the plasticity refers to the deformation of the rubber subjected to external force, and its shape remains unchanged after the external force is removed. .

2. Mixing. What we need to understand is that during the mixing process of nitrile rubber plate, it is better to use a small roll gap and a low roll temperature because of the friction in the molecules and the heat generation, and due to the sulfur in the nitrile rubber plate Decomposition is cumbersome, so it needs to be put in when the mixing starts.

3. Press out. Under normal circumstances, the nitrile rubber sheet is prone to scorch when it is pressed out. Therefore, in order to prevent scorch and ensure that the surface of the extrudate is smooth, we need to perform corresponding cooling operations on the extruder screw.

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