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Insulation Plastic Sheet Production Process Steps
Mar 17, 2018

The production process of the insulating rubber sheet products must pass through the basic processes of plastication, mixing, calendering, or extrusion, molding, and vulcanization. Each process has different requirements for the products, and they are combined with several auxiliary operations.

In order to be able to add all kinds of required compounding agents to the rubber, the raw rubber must first be plasticized to improve its plasticity; then the carbon black and various rubber auxiliaries and the rubber are uniformly mixed into rubber by mixing; the rubber material is pressed The blank is formed into a certain shape; it is then combined with a textile material (or with a metal material) that has been calendared and glued or glued to form a semi-finished product; finally, a plastic semi-finished product is finally made into a highly elastic final product after vulcanization. .