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Wire Rope Core Pattern Conveyor Belt Repair Method
Mar 17, 2018

1. Partial rubber vulcanization method: The vulcanized part is vulcanized with a small vulcanizer. Due to the size of the vulcanizer, the repair speed is only about 0.5m/h. This method is not suitable for long-distance repairs.

2, rubber patch method: the use of German technology rubber patch method, the biggest advantage is the repair speed. After polishing and cleaning the patching area, apply glue and apply rubber to start the machine. The disadvantage is that usually the rubber peels off after 60-90 days of operation. The bigger problem is that if the endless belt runs in a humid environment, water vapor accumulates in the gaps in the adhesive surface and rusts the wire rope. The rust will cut off the wire rope after a long time. It even caused a sudden rupture of the entire conveyor belt. In addition, the repair method was expensive.